I’m Turning 30. Now What?

First Deloitte event after I made the big move to Boston! (Summer 2018)

In exactly one month, I will hit the next decade. One that causes many people to flip a shit. I wouldn’t say I’m nervous about turning 30, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying I’m ecstatic about getting older (is anyone really?). But I’m not freaking out about it.

Honestly, I look better than I did in my early- / mid-twenties.

I’m in a loving relationship.

I have a good job with a good salary.

I live in a bomb apartment in a fabulous city.

Not to mention, five years ago I wasn’t traveling – internationally or domestically – the way I do now. Things are great. But they can always be better.

Drastic hair change (but I loved it!) and my amazing boyfriend. (Spring 2018)

I starting conjuring up a list of things I want to do upon turning 30. Some of them are things I’ve tried and failed before, and some of them are brand spankin’ new.

  1. Read at least one book every two months before my next birthday
  2. Spend more time with family
  3. Drink at least 100 oz of water per day
  4. Avoid spending my own money one week each month (non-work)
  5. Stretch more. Foam roll more. Get more massages.
  6. Save an extra $150 per month
  7. Avoid calling myself fat
  8. Sign up for a new type of race
  9. Go to the movies alone
  10. Deadlift 275 lbs / backsquat 225 lbs or more
  11. Make more time for phone calls with family and friends
  12. Speed up mile jog pace (which means TRAINING, Brynn!)
  13. Spend more time at home in Boston
  14. Buy myself more flowers
  15. Travel to a new city, domestic or international
  16. Strive for my leanest body while maintaining a balanced life
  17. Spend less time on my phone around friends, family, and bae
  18. Try one new Boston restaurant a month
  19. Complete a detox diet (i.e. no added sugar, Whole 30)
  20. Learn a new skill
  21. Do something new at work
  22. Purge my closet of unused shoes and clothes
  23. Finish decorating my apartment
  24. Workout at least twice a week while at client site
  25. Spend more alone / quiet time with bae
  26. Create (and stick to) a general budget
  27. Go to ten historic sites or museums in Boston
  28. Organize my closets
  29. Make a new financial investment
  30. Focus on eating less processed foods
Disney Princess Half Marathon 2019 – Need more amazing, thrilling, difficult events in the future.

We’ll see how far I get, but it’ something to strive toward next year!

Are you hitting a milestone? Even if you’re not, do you have any goals you’re trying to achieve?



Resetting with Wanderlust 108

108 – Unity. Wholeness. Infinite Love. Cheesy? Perhaps, depending how you feel about yoga and the spirituality surrounding it. I never got into that part, but I can see the benefits, and sometimes I wish I did. I do like the spiritual meaning of 108, and think it could be applied to most things in life.

I attended the Wanderlust 108 festival by RFK stadium in DC yesterday. It’s a traveling one-day festival that promotes finding your “true north” or your “best self”. My friend and I found out about the DC event months ago, and I was hooked. While I’m no yogi, the festival name and the mission behind the events are SO ME, and so applicable to my life – my passion for health and wellness, my goals, and this blog. I am in search of becoming my best self, and I am navigating my way through this journey (side note: I am obsessed with the logo and associated merchandise…obviously).

Advertised as a “Mindful Triathlon”, the full day event consists of a 5K run / walk, yoga class, and meditation (which I suck at, but more on that later…). Participants then choose optional activities to do, such as essential oils class, aerial yoga, acro yoga, flow + restore yoga, and hula hooping. Participants are also able to walk around the market to check out the various vendors, grab coffee and food, and check out the adidas x wanderlust tent and the kombucha garden! There are also free samples everywhere of amazing products (I went HAM on the free stuff, as you should).

I had to wake up before 7am on a Saturday, which isn’t cool, but I was excited. After getting to RFK, meeting up with friends, registering and setting down mats, I immediately set out to find coffee, because duh. I got the regular brew + almond milk at the True North Cafe, scarfed down a banana, and perused the market for samples and athleisure. The day was awesome, especially coming off a week of indulging (I give myself some slack because #birthday). It felt great to reset and get back on track a bit.

Wanderlust Ready

You can’t head out to the Wanderlust 108 festival without a bathroom selfie. Duh.


The 5K started with a pep and a stretch. Normally, I would want to jog this, but decided to walk with friends and be “mindful” of the type of tri this was – no competition, just feeling good in your body, mind, and soul. So we walked, and I dealt with my inner nagging thoughts: “you’re lazy“, “do you even run?”is this even a workout?” “look at the runners”. I can be so mean to myself. Here I am, spending the day at a health and wellness / yoga festival instead of bottomless brunching, and I’m STILL not doing enough apparently. Luckily, I managed to get past those thoughts and enjoy walking around with friends deciding what to do the rest of the day


We participated in the group yoga class with Chelsey Korus while the sun showed absolutely no mercy. The cool tribal paint on my arm smeared somewhere between downward dog and warrior two. It felt great, and it reminded me that I should incorporate more yoga into my regimen, solely to stretch and strengthen my body.


As mentioned earlier, I am not good at meditating. I used to do that self-deprecating gloating about being “too busy”, “too uptight”, or “too in my head” to bother with meditating. While I know the benefits of slowing down, relaxing, and finding contentment, I’ve never been able to do it…though I should really say that I haven’t really wanted to, or tried to really meditate. This was no different, except that I laid there the whole time instead of getting up and skipping this part. The sun continued to beat down on us, but I tried my best to remain still. I found myself trying to control my thoughts, trying to stop thinking, and having moments of “real meditation”…but definitely wanted this part to end sooner. It made me realize I should try an app or go to a class to try it again. What harm could it do?

Afternoon Activities

Unfortunately, I was unable to do acro yoga or aerial yoga, so I participated in the essential oils class, which was interesting to learn about. Refrained from purchasing anything prior to doing additional research (my bank account can thank my “hard science”-trained boyfriend for that one). I purchased items at the adidas x wanderlust tent, tried the kombucha, ate lunch, and grabbed more samples of some of my favorite items.

Free Shit

Who doesn’t like free shit?! Loved sampling and grabbing some of my favorite items at the Wanderlust 108 market

Overall, it was a great day. It reinvigorated me, after a week of feeling bloated, and lethargic due to constant over-indulging. It also reminded me that I need to continue “finding my true north” and determining who I want to be, what I want to do, and how I want to do it.


YASS. Found one of my dreams on the giant dream catcher inside the Samsung tent at Wanderlust 108

Are you on a journey to find your “true north”? How are you navigating your journey?